Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

Prathima Hospitals Performed Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

Hyderabad, 21st August 2017:  Prathima Hospitals, Kachiguda performed mitral valve replacement surgery by minimally invasive technique. This procedure is technically difficult and needs high dexterity on the part of the cardiac surgeon performing it. The procedure was successfully performed by renowned surgeon DR. HARISH BADAMI and his equally proficient team.

Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

In minimally invasive cardiac surgery the procedure is performed through a small 2-inch incision either on the right or left side of the chest rather than cutting the breastbone   (sternotomy). The operation is performed through the space between the ribs, resulting in less pain and early recovery.

Patient Mr. Rambabu a 22-year male presented with complaints of difficulty in breathing, palpitations, and history of coughing of blood. He was evaluated and diagnosed to have severe Mitral Stenosis, a condition in which one of the valves in the heart is not opening adequately. The patient was undertaken for Mitral valve replacement surgery in which the diseased valve is removed and an artificial valve implanted on 16/08/2017, patient is being discharged today.The procedure was performed by minimally invasive technique ( Endoscopic heart surgery in common terms ) by a 2-inch incision on the right side of the chest instead of the conventional open technique.

MICS is advantages in such patients because the patients recover early and are usually fit for discharge on the third to fifth day after the operation.These patients can also pursue their regular activities in 15 days. MICS has several other advantages like the small incision resulting in a smaller scar. This is especially advantageous in female patients in whom the scar is not visible. Other advantages include less pain, lower risk of infection, lower risk of bleeding and the requirement of blood transfusion and short-term hospital stay after surgery.

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rare heart surgery at prathima hospitals kachiguda

rare heart surgery at prathima hospitals kachiguda

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