Orthopaedic Surgery

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Orthopaedics Surgery is a speciality dealing with the musculoskeletal problems of all age groups from newborns to seniors. PRATHIMA provides comprehensive orthopaedic services with patient-centric, individualised care. A dedicated team of skilled orthopaedic surgeons supported by a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, plastic and vascular surgeons, physiotherapists, anaesthetists, intensivists provide services round-the- clock. We provide standardised care for best results in the areas of Trauma & Emergency, Total Joint Replacements, Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries, Paediatric Orthopaedics, and Spine Surgeries.

Trauma & Emergency

Led by a senior orthopaedic surgeon, the trauma care team at PRATHIMA handles all types of injuries resulting from road, domestic and industrial accidents. The dedicated multispeciality team that provides 24/7 services is supported by advanced in-house diagnostic facilities, trained ER physicians, a full-fledged ICU with intensivist and a senior anaesthetist. PRATHIMA’S Trauma & Emergency unit has established itself as one of the best specialised centres in the vicinity.

Total Joint Replacement

Our replacement unit works with the principle of individualised care for best outcomes. We provide evidence-based, standardised Total Hip, Knee and Shoulder Joint replacements including computer navigation, minimally invasive, full flexion, quick rehabilitation and short hospital stays. The care plan is specifically designed to suit a patient’s needs.We focus on quality care rather than on numbers and the highly satisfied smiles of our patients are proof of this.

Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries

A specialised sub-division in itself, sports injuries and arthroscopy needs a specially trained team. At PRATHIMA, we rely on highly trained arthroscopic surgeons, state-of-the-art instrumentation, exclusively trained assistants and a team of physiotherapists to deliver high-end complex care. We provide daycare services and all types of ligament reconstruction, repairs and rehabilitation for assured results.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

We handle congenital, metabolic, trauma and growth disorders involving the musculoskeletal system of the paediatric age group. A specially trained consultant attends to the little ones providing excellent care blended with the much needed compassion. best orthopaedic hospital in hyderabad

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