General Surgery

The Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery at Prathima Hospitals, furnished with the most recent innovation and offices, bolstered by an accomplished group of specialists, has now turned into a Secondary and Tertiary referral focus in the area that’s why we are best multi specialty hospital in Hyderabad. An expanding number of patients with complex afflictions and patients treated or worked at different focuses are alluded to Prathima Hospitals for cutting edge administration (in the operation theaters, surgical emergency unit, wards). Aside from those requiring routine operations, a significant number of patients with numerous wounds are dealt with in the emergency unit. Notwithstanding surgical and medicinal concentrated care, patients are controlled progressed parental sustenance by means of modern sorts of tubes embedded into significant veins by unique systems.

Laparoscopic Surgery

The Department began Laparoscopic operations with imported gear from Germany (STORZ) in 2007. Aside from Laparoscopic expulsion of gallbladder, different surgeries, for example, bile channel investigations, appendicectomy, hernia repair, colonic extraction, splenectomy, and so forth are additionally performed laparoscopically. All the laparoscopic hardware are dealt with and utilized under consistent supervision of prepared professionals.

The Department is furnished with Intra Operative X-beams with C Arm X-beam Machines, Intra Operative Luminal Endoscopies, LASERS, CuSa, Ultrasonic Scalpel, and so forth.


Laparoscopic surgery for irk bladder, break hernia, spleen, supplement, hernias

Real surgery for pancreas, hepatobiliary framework, bosom thyroid and other endocrine organs, cranioplasties, stomach injury, fistula, chest and throat surgery, a wide range of malignancy surgeries for mouth, lungs, digestive system, thyroid and different parts of the body

Crisis surgery for wounds, gastrointestinal dying, aperture, peritonititis, an infected appendix, intestinal obstacles, and so forth.

Patients with basic disease, for example, intense pancreatitis and enterocutaneous fistula and in addition gastrointestinal dying, perforative peritonititis. Those experiencing supra-real operations are overseen by a cutting edge surgical emergency unit by very much prepared intensivists

  • Stoutness Surgery (Bariatric Surgery) is performed by laparoscopic system with the world’s most refined advancements. This is a sub-strength of laparoscopy surgery
  • Hepato-Biliary Surgery Department is dynamic in the field of Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic surgery

Our Doctors

best general surgeon in hyderabad
Dr. R.Sadguna Chary
Consultant  (General  & Laparoscopic Surgery)

general surgeon in hyderabad india
Dr. R. Raghunandan
MBBS, FAIS MS (General Surgery)
Consultant  General & Laproscopic Surgeon

best geberal surgeon in hyderabad

Dr. L. Sreedhar
Consultant (General & Laparoscopic Surgery)

general surgeon doctor

Dr. Pasha
Consultant General Surgeon

general surgeon in hyderabad

Dr. Sridhar
Consultant General Surgeon