Know the Signs of Stroke | World Stroke Day

A stroke can happen to anyone, at any time and anywhere. Do you know that Stroke is the second leading cause of death? Know the causes and symptoms of a stroke. Spot a Stroke, Save a Life. Don’t be the one. On this World Stroke Day, let’s spread the awareness about the stroke.

Minimally Invasive Neuro Surgeries

NEUROSCIENCE Neuroscience deals with the disorders that affect any portion of the nerves system and also deals with the brain, neural structure, peripheral nerves, and extra-cranial neural structure system. Our highly-skilled surgeons and neurosurgical team utilize innovative surgical techniques to perform adult and pediatric surgery ranging from skull-based treatment of lesions to complex spinal surgery … Continue reading Minimally Invasive Neuro Surgeries

Emergency & Tarauma

Department of Emergency & Trauma at Prathima Hospitals ranked as the best healthcare emergency provider in hyderabad. 24 by 7 emergency teams available at patient care. Doctors from all emergency specialties available round the clock to provide emergency care to the patient and save lives.